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1. Construct a binary search tree from following numbers 12 24 .....
2. Evaluate this preorder expression (something like + 2 3 .... was given)
3. What is(343)base 14 in base 7?
4. Traverse to middle of a linked list in a single pass
5. How to find missing number from an array of n-1 integers in the range 1,2,...n(unique)
6. What data structure will u use for developing queue
7. What data structure will u use for matching brackets
8. What is the problem with this code , start a child thread,
run() {
while(isInterrupted == false) {
in main thread, start child thread,
isInterrupted = true;
9. Which all numbers (xmod1000 div 100) + xmod(10) gives same result, 3452 5432 1235 5231 2534?
10. What does the assembly program do (factorial program)
11. Write a functio hasSum(node n, int sum) for a unordered binary tree, return true, if
sum of all elements in a path from n to a leaf node is equal to sum
12. 5 questions on Enterprise Java beans, brush it up before attending interview else you will fail
17. Implement queue of integer with a maxsize, your implementation should be thread safe, add() should block if queue size reaches max size and unblock when an element is removed from queue, remove() should block if queue size is empty and unblock when an element is added in the queue.
What will be the outcome of this program?
int static value = 1;
public int inc() {
try {
value = value+1;
return value;
catch(...) {
finally() {
value = value +1;
public static void main() {
print inc();
print value;