How Important Is Writing A Interview Thank You Email? IT Career Partner For Life. Please Bookmark It.
After every job interview, do not forget to write a thank you email to the employer, this surely increase your chance to get a job.
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It is very important to write a thank you email after you attended a job interview. One of my friend performed quite well in technical rounds, but he was not called for HR round for almost 3 weeks, I insisted him to write an interview thank you email to that company, they immediately called my friend for a HR round and he got the job. What had happened was the guy who took technical interview went for a long leave without submitting any feedback for my friend, and HR since they handle hundreds of interviews every week also forgot to take notice of it.

But the day my friend sent a email The HR called the guy who conducted technical round and after hearing from him, went ahead and called my friend for HR round and finally he got the job. So writing a thank you letter/email will always help you, even in case you are not selected the feedback sent by the company can be of much value to help you improve yourself professionally. Here is one interview thank you email sample. Make use of it.

Hello Mr Name,

	I want to express my gratitude for considering me suitable for the job opening in your company.  
I feel that it would actually benefit me a lot in case I get a chance to work in your company.
I would also be able to contribute to your company from my experiences and skills that I have acquired in so many years.

As you saw from my resume I have all the key skills which are required for your project. 
I do have the ability to work in a group as well as an individual contributor. 
I am a fast learner so with little training I will be able to adapt to your project's need fast .  
Iím very keen and motivated to join your company.

 Please let me know your feedback on how well I performed in the interview
 In case I am not selected please provide me your input so that I can improve myself further.
Once again, I thank you for your time.

								Thank you,
								Your Name